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Computer and Electronics Repairs. Apple iPhone and iPad Repairs.

PC Savants has been providing Computer and Electronics Repairs to the Sun City, Surprise, Peoria, AZ, and surrounding Communities since 2010. Our services include: Onsite Computer and Laptop Repairs, Mac Repairs, Wired and Wireless Networking, Apple iPhone iPad and iPod Repairs, Data Recovery Services, and Video Game Console Repairs. Soldering Services: Surface Mount Devices (SMD), Reflow and Reball of BGA chips. CD, DVD, and BluRay disc resurfacing.

Why should you choose PC Savants for your Computer and Electronics Repairs?

  2. Cheaper and Faster than Retail Shops. Flat rate pricing.
  3. On Site Computer and Laptop Repair Services Available
  4. Ensuring your data is protected is our primary concern when working on any system.
  5. Microsoft Certified Desktop Professional. Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator. Ask to see our Certifications.
  6. Complete PC Services include Full 1 Year subscriptions of Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware security programs.
  7. More than 15 years experience working on home and business systems.
  8. 90% of computer repair problems can be diagnosed over the phone. Basic diagnostics are FREE.
  9. Same day and Next day service available. Most system returned within 24 hours.
  10. Computer Repair Services open Saturday and Sunday.
  11. FREE tips and suggestions to keep you safe in the future
  12. Website, Business Email, Multiple online reviews sites and Social Media platforms for feedabck.
  13. 6 Month Warranty on all work

Specialize in fixing PS3 and Xbox 360 game console deemed UNFIXABLE by other shops
We have been offering PS3 Reball and Xbox Reball Services since 2011 and have been the only shop to that actually performed this service. Why would you bring your console to someone that can only, at best, offer a temporary repair?

We Buy and Sell Working and Non-Working Video Game Consoles, Computers and Laptops, iPhones, iPads and other Electronics Devices.

Call us now 602-492-3499 for a free estimate! Follow @pcsavants for questions or Free PC Tips and Help.

OfficeDepot runs tech scam in store

Thinking that going to a major retailer is the best place to have your PC fixed? Seattle station KIRO-TV, tipped off by a whistleblower and bolstered by confirming employees, is accusing Office Depot staffers of doing just that: diagnosing brand-new, just out of the box computers with malware infections that some stores suggested would cost up to $200 to clean up. Office Depot runs a PC health check that is similar to old malware that would popup a message on screen saying you had 5,000 items wrong and needed to pay $XXX to fix them.

Office Depot has shut down all tech services temporarily.

This program is built by Office Depot, they are the only ones who could modify the program to mislead customers and their techs. This is also probably not restricted to just WA and OR, this is the only place where they tested it out before Office Depot shut down all services. Who knows how many years this has been going on.

Chinese company installs backdoor on unknown number of US smartphones

If you own a BLU phone, you should contact them about fixing the problem. It appears only BLU headset in the US are affected, if you have a Huawei or ZTE handset they are also affected.

The AdsUps Malware is transmitting the following:

Collect and Send SMS texts to AdUps' server every 72 hours.
Collect and Send call logs to AdUps' server every 72 hours.
Collect and Send user personally identifiable information (PII) to AdUps' server every 24 hours.
Collect and Send the smartphone's IMSI and IMEI identifiers.
Collect and Send geolocation information.
Collect and Send a list of apps installed on the user's device.
Download and Install apps without the user's consent or knowledge.
Update or Remove apps.
Update the phone's firmware and Re-program the device.
Execute remote commands with elevated privileges on the user's device.

Smartphones should come with no other software installed and we should have the capability to remove anything from our phones that we want. We don't have this power and this is what happens. Don't think this issue will get any better. Smartphones are NOT SECURE. You have ZERO control over what is installed on it by default and cannot remove most preinstalled programs.

Apple Quicktime

If you have QuickTime installed on your PC it should be removed ASAP. Apple is no longer supporting the software and it will not receive and future patches. A pair of advisories have been issued by the Zero Day Initative outlining 2 new critical vulnerabilities.



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