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PC Savants is an Electronics Repair shop located in Sun City, AZ; Servicing Peoria Sun City & Surprise, Arizona . We perform Computer | Laptop Repair, Network Installs/Upgrades, Data Recovery Services, Smart Phone Repair (iPhone, iPod, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, iPad), Electronics Repair and Console (Xbox One, XBOX 360, PS4, PS3, Wii, PSP, DS | DSi) Repair Services, Soldering of Surface Mount Devices (SMD) and other devices, Reflow | Reball BGA chips. CD | DVD | BluRay disc resurfacing.

Onsite Computer repair services available.

Why should you take your Computer to for repairs?

  1. Microsoft Certified.
  2. Installation of Malware Bytes Professional Anti-Malware with every Virus/Malware removal service! A $40 Value
  3. Ensuring your data is protected is our primary concern when working on any system.
  4. We always perform a FULL PC service. Cleaning of interior and exterior of your PC, replacement of T.I.M.(Thermal paste) on system processors, full system and software updates, scan computer for Virus and Spyware infections.
  5. More than 10 years experience working on home and business systems.
  6. 90% of computer repair problems can be diagnosed over the phone. Basic diagnostics are FREE.
  7. Same day and Next day service available. Most system returned within 24 hours.
  8. Computer repair services open Saturday and Sunday.
  9. Installation of Virus and Spyware scanning software for FREE.
  10. FREE tips and suggestions to keep you safe in the future
  11. Onsite services available.
  12. Website, business email, multiple contact methods, online reviews available at multiple websites.

NON REPAIRABLE PS3 and XBox 360 repairs. We are still the only shop in AZ capable of PROPERLY fixing your PS3 or Xbox 360 game console. We are the ONLY shop in AZ offering PS3 reball and xbox reball service, and have been offering this service for more than 2 years. Why would you bring your console to someone that can only, at best, offer a temporary repair? We can reball almost any chip on any board. We are able to fix more than half of all console deemed unfix-able by other shops.

All Phoenix Xbox 360 Repair and Phoenix PS3 Repair is performed using a Dark Infrared Repair Workstation. We carry new replacement parts for fast service. Phoenix Xbox 360 JTAG | RGH service.

We buy and Sell new and used game systems.

All Phoenix Computer Repair prices include a FREE diagnostic to determine your PC problem. No charge if we cannot fix your PC. We perform some jobs onsite and other offsite at our shop.

Most jobs completed within 24 hours.

6 Month Warranty on PS3 Reball services

Call us now for a free estimate!

Windows XP support ends April, 8, 2014.

Submitted by pcsavants on

On April,8 Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows XP. This means there will be no more security patches made fore this product. Hackers have been saving exploits for this day. If you have Windows XP you should contact us about changing operating systems.

Virus scanners will do nothing to block these exploits.

April, 9th is the day most of the exploits will be released/sold.

Free PS4 Hard Drive upgrades

Submitted by pcsavants on

We are currently offering FREE hard drive upgrades for the PlayStation 4 console. You need only supply the hard drive. All PS4 games get installed on the hard drive. The stock 500GB drive will not last long. Upgrade before you fill your old drive.

The fastest drive available is the 1TB Hitachi 7,200 RPM 2.5" SATA III Drive or the Seagate 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive. Killzone install took less than 1 minute with the Hitachi drive.

IOS7 Does not make iPhone waterproof.

Submitted by pcsavants on

There are some fake stories floating around stating the IOS 7 will turn off the power if it comes into contact with water saving it from damage. THIS IS NOT TRUE. There are already reports from twits on twitter complaining that their iPhone was destroyed. Your iPhone is not waterproof. If your iPhone gets water damaged you should put it in a bag with either kitty litter or rice and bring it in immediately for service.


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