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PC Savants is an Electronics Repair shop located in Sun City, AZ; Servicing Peoria Sun City & Surprise, Arizona . We perform Computer | Laptop Repair, Mac Repairs, Network Installs/Upgrades, Data Recovery Services, Smart Phone Repair (iPhone, iPod, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, iPad), Electronics Repair and Console (Xbox One, XBOX 360, PS4, PS3, Wii, PSP, DS | DSi) Repair Services, Soldering of Surface Mount Devices (SMD) and other devices, Reflow | Reball BGA chips. CD | DVD | BluRay disc resurfacing. Apple - Mac Logic Board Repairs.

Onsite Computer repair services available.

There is a pcSavants Professional PC service and then there is the other shops.

  1. Cheaper than big name retail locations but with superior service and quality. Faster! Get your system back in days, not weeks. Flat Rate, No hidden fees!
  2. Full Service Only! Full cleaning of interior and exterior of PC | Laptop case. CPU | GPU Thermal Interface Material replacement. Full system updates and software updates. Basic Malware scanning and removal.
  4. Microsoft Certified Desktop Professional. Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator. Ask to see our Certifications.
  5. Professional Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware programs included in all Virus Removal
  6. ESET Anti-Virus and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware installed. A $100 Value. No other shop in AZ includes Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware with their repairs!
  7. Ensuring your data is protected is our primary concern when working on any system.
  8. More than 14 years experience working on home and business systems.
  9. 90% of computer repair problems can be diagnosed over the phone. Basic diagnostics are FREE.
  10. Same day and Next day service available. Most system returned within 24 hours.
  11. Computer repair services open Saturday and Sunday.
  12. Installation of Virus and Spyware scanning software for FREE.
  13. FREE tips and suggestions to keep you safe in the future
  14. Onsite services available.
  15. Website, business email, multiple contact methods, online reviews available at multiple websites.

NON REPAIRABLE PS3 and XBox 360 repairs. We are still the only shop in AZ capable of PROPERLY fixing your PS3 or Xbox 360 game console. We are the ONLY shop in AZ offering PS3 reball and xbox reball services, and have been offering this service for more than 3 years. Why would you bring your console to someone that can only, at best, offer a temporary repair? We can reball almost any chip on any board. We are able to fix more than half of all consoles deemed unfix-able by other shops.

All Arizona Xbox 360 Repair and Arizona PS3 Repair is performed using a Dark Infrared Repair Workstation. We carry new replacement parts for fast service.

We buy and Sell new and used game systems.

All Phoenix Computer Repair prices include a FREE diagnostic to determine your PC problem. No charge if we cannot fix your PC. We perform some jobs onsite and other offsite at our shop.

Most jobs completed within 24 hours.

6 Month Warranty on PS3 Reball services

Call us now for a free estimate!

Reserve your FREE upgrade of Windows 10.

Submitted by pcsavants on

For a limited time Microsoft is offering a FREE upgrade from Windows 7 & 8 to Windows 10 when it releases on July 29, 2015. Click on the small Windows icon that has appeared in your system tray (Bottom Right corner) and either enter an email address an click confirm or just click skip email confirmation and you are all set to get your FREE Windows 10 upgrade. Windows 8 users were supposed to get a FREE upgrade regardless of time but that could change.

Contact form

Submitted by pcsavants on

The contact form is working again. Apologies to anyone who used it and did not get a response. I switched email providers and forgot to change the email for that form. Everything should be working again. Thanks

LENOVO Installing Malware on New Computers

Submitted by pcsavants on

Lenovo has been installing the Superfish Adware on new computers. The Superfish Adware changes and modifies search results by adding advertising to web pages where none should be. The Superfish ad-ware will also leave your system vulnerable for a Man-In-The-Middle attack. This software installs a root HTTPS certificate, signed by itself and pretends any HTTPS page you visit is legitimate. This is used to inject ads into any webpage you visit. Read last paragraph for the updated nasty.

Lenovo's response:

"We have thoroughly investigated this technology and do not find any evidence to substantiate security concerns. "

That is a pretty scary statement. They see no problem with installing a third party program that modifies webpages to show ads, so they can make money off clicking on their ads? What happens when the program updates and they decided to add more malicious software with it? Lenovo has decided to stop installing it on new computers but only because users complained it was creating ads and popups. Perhaps they will change to another Malware program that hides itself better from the consumer. They could look into Conduit, Vosteran or some of the nastier programs.

Rob Graham, CEO of security firm Errata Security, has cracked the cryptographic key encrypting the Superfish certificate. That means anyone can now use the private key to launch man-in-the-middle HTTPS attacks that won't be detected by machines that have the certificate installed. It took Graham just three hours to figure out that the password was "komodia" (minus the quotes). He told Ars the certificate works against Google even when an end-user is using Chrome.

EVERY LENOVO PC USER SHOULD GO DOWNLOAD Malwarebytes Anti-Malware . Install the program, click the run tab on top, and run the threat scan. Make sure you are connect to the internet and can get updates.

Yes, Lenovo was profiting from installing this program on your brand new computer. It's called pay-per-install software and it almost always contains Adware and Malware.

Call 602-492-3499 to schedule an appointment to have your Computer scanned for Malware and Virus Infections.



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